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sunrise view of mount ama dablam
Mount Everest (8,848.86 m (29,031.7 ft), the world’s highest peak, attracts climbers and adventurers from around the globe. As climbers progress towards the expedition, they will be treated to an amazing and breathtaking experience with memories of a Lifetime.  However, the weather on mount everest can be unpredictable and changeable. So, climbers need to be...
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Tiger Nest Monastery
Bhutan, also popularly known as the “land of the thunder dragon” is a small kingdom nestled in the mighty Himalayas, is a place of wonder and beauty. It is filled with towering mountains, lush valleys, and ancient temples dotted across the landscape. It’s like stepping into a dreamy world where tradition and nature blend perfectly....
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returing from annapurna-base camp
Situated in the heart of the majestic Himalayas, the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek takes adventure enthusiasts to embark on a lifetime journey. This trek leads to the base of the world’s 10th-highest peak, standing at an elevation of 8,091 m (26,545 ft). It offers a perfect blend of natural grandeur, cultural richness, and an...
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Kathmandu Durbar Square
Going on a family trip is an unforgettable experience, and what could be a better place to make lasting memories other than Nepal? Nepal with its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, is an ideal destination for family vacations. It offers an array of family-friendly holiday tours that provide a perfect blend of adventure,...
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Nepali Khana
The Kathmandu Valley, surrounded by the towering peaks of the hills and the Himalayas, is rich with cultural treasures and a foodie’s paradise. Many hidden gems in Kathmandu serve various types of food options and are a hub for food lovers. These places in Kathmandu offer many options – from authentic Nepali dishes to European...
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teahouse at Sinuwa
Situated in the heart of the himalayas, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is an adventurous journey that combines awe-inspiring natural vistas with rich cultural experiences. As you ascend towards the base camp, better accommodations and balanced food will become crucial. Similarly, the three primary accommodations in the Annapurna region are teahouses, lodges, and camping.  Among...
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Yak Carring Load at Everest Base Camp Trail
Hiking to the Everest Base Camp feels like stepping into a world where nature’s beauty shines at its best. It’s not just an adventurous trek, it entails breathtaking views, immersing in local culture and lifestyle, and discovering things about yourself. The Everest Base Camp trek isn’t just about reaching a destination, it’s a transformative experience....
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Accommodation at Everest Base Camp
Teahouses, lodges, and camping are the three primary options for accommodation in the Everest region. Teahouses and lodges provide comfortable and relatively affordable accommodations along the trekking route. These offer a range of room options, from basic to more comfortable, with varying amenities. Camping is an alternative for those seeking a more immersive and adventurous...
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Nepal Trek Packing List
Nepal is a beautiful country known for its stunning mountain peaks and incredible trekking trails. Whether it’s an Everest base camp trek or  Annapurna Circuit,  if you are planning a trek in Nepal, you need to pack smartly. Packing the right stuff will help you make your adventure an unforgettable experience.  To assist you in...
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Everest Base Camp Difficulty
Picture yourself setting out on the incredible journey of the Everest Base Camp trek, where the power of human strength comes together with the beauty of nature. The majestic Himalayan mountains, with their breathtaking peaks and secrets, call out adventurers from all over the world to explore them. The trek to Everest Base Camp starts...
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