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teahouse at Sinuwa

Accommodation and Food at Annapurna Base Camp

Situated in the heart of the himalayas, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is an adventurous journey that combines awe-inspiring natural vistas with rich cultural experiences. As you ascend towards the...
Yak Carring Load at Everest Base Camp Trail

Essential Tips for Successfully Preparing for an Everest Base Camp Trek

Hiking to the Everest Base Camp feels like stepping into a world where nature’s beauty shines at its best. It’s not just an adventurous trek, it entails breathtaking views, immersing...
Accommodation at Everest Base Camp

Accommodation and Food on Everest Base Camp Trek

Teahouses, lodges, and camping are the three primary options for accommodation in the Everest region. Teahouses and lodges provide comfortable and relatively affordable accommodations along the trekking route. These offer...
Nepal Trek Packing List

Essential Packing List for Nepal Trekking 

Nepal is a beautiful country known for its stunning mountain peaks and incredible trekking trails. Whether it’s an Everest base camp trek or  Annapurna Circuit,  if you are planning a...
Everest Base Camp Difficulty

How Difficult is it to Trek Everest Base Camp?

Picture yourself setting out on the incredible journey of the Everest Base Camp trek, where the power of human strength comes together with the beauty of nature. The majestic Himalayan...
Packing List for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Packing List

The Complete Everest Base Camp Packing Lists A trek to Everest Base Camp is an adventurous experience filled with breathtaking scenery and challenging trails. Therefore, thorough preparation is necessary to...
Best time to hike Everest base camp

Best Time to Hike Everest Base Camp

Hiking to New Heights: Introducing the best season for the Everest base camp The Everest Base Camp is located in the heart of Nepal’s Khumbu region. The weather conditions in...

Accessories Required for Expedition

Expedition in Nepal refers to the exploration of various mountains in the Himalayan region. Mountaineering expedition gives the climbers an opportunity to explore and climb the mountain peaks to reach...
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