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Government opening liaison office at Everest Base Camp in March

KATHMANDU, Nepal – The government has started preparations to set up its contact office at Everest Base Camp for the spring season which begins in March.
Officials say once the office starts operations, mountaineers will feel safer. Also, they can get required information in time.
“We will be setting up the office for three months. Our officials will provide necessary information to climbers, provide weather updates, and settle disputes arising among climbers and mountaineering workers,” Puspa Raj Katuwal, chief of mountaineering division at the Department of Tourism, said. “Officials will also monitor the activities of guides and climbers to ensure that illegal activities do not take place.”
The government had opened similar office at the base camp in April last year.
Officials deputed at the contact office will also be responsible for setting up emergency response team to help in case any disaster happens. The office will have computer with email and Internet facility, satellite phones and mobile phones for quick exchange of information, according to officials of the department.
The government is setting up the office in the beginning of the season this year after it was heavily criticized for not having a proper mechanism to provide weather updates after an avalanche took lives of 16 mountaineering workers. Following the incident, almost all expedition teams had canceled their expedition.


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