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Chepang girls get support from donors

DHADING, Nepal – Chepang girls of Bhumlichowk-8, Gorkha district, who risk their lives everyday using inflated tubes to cross the Trishuli River to reach school, have demanded a permanent solution to their problem.
Sarita Chepang, 14, and Ram Maya Chepang, 15, were overjoyed they received relief materials including life jackets from donors after their plight was reported in Republica and Nagarik dailies on January 27. “However, we wish we were offered a better solution. Had there been a suspension or a concrete bridge to cross the river, life for us would have been a lot easier,” said the girls.
Before getting relief materials.
Before getting relief materials.
The girls say the life jackets have made their everyday journey to school safer. “We are very thankful for the help. We can now cross the river with ease. However, we still face problems crossing the river, especially when we also have to carry something,” said Sarita.
According to Tilak Chepang, central member of Nepal Chepang Association, 200 houses in the Chepang settlement will benefit if a bridge is constructed over the river. Several organizations have expressed their interest to build a suspension bridge over the river after the plight of Chepang girls were reported in the Republica and Nagarik dailies.
Several people, including Lindel Caine, recently donated them relief materials worth around Rs 80,000. “We are grateful for the help provided by individuals and organizations, especially when the state has turned a blind eye to our plight,” said Bishnu Chepang, father of Sarita.


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